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StopnDrop St. Louis eBay Buying Store

StopnDrop Auctions is a full-service eBay buying store servicing the entire St. Louis area. Our Buy-N-Sell program allows you to sell your item at a higher value than through traditional avenues such as a garage sale. It also allows you to skip the hassle of trying to sell it locally or online. And, you get your money immediately!

Inventory & Asset Liquidation Services:
StopnDrop Auctions offers our corporate clients a unique way to help justify those technology upgrades by selling the old technology for you on eBay. If you are a retailer, we can help you dramatically increase your bottom line by bringing your new, excess or seasonal inventory to a global online market.

2114 Schuetz Road
St. Louis, MO 63146

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StopnDrop in the News:

January 27, 2006
Sell the Old, Pay for the New

January 2, 2006
Local eBay Consignment Store is Named as a Top 100 Seller

December 16, 2005
Ladue News
Ladue Lips

December 4, 2005
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Breaking the Schmooze: Special Delivery from eBay

August 3, 2005
Tri-County Journal
CATTS Logs On To eBay to Help Raise Money for Legal Expenses

August 20, 2004
St. Louis Business Journal
Online Auction Management Services Power Up Locally

July 24, 2004
StopnDrop Auctions Arrive in St. Louis

July 19, 2004
NBC News (KSDK Channel 5)

July 14, 2004
West County Journal
Business Helps Customers Sell Items on eBay

July 12, 2004
NBC - Show Me St. Louis (KSDK Channel 5)
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July 8, 2004
CBS News (KMOV Channel 4)
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July 1, 2004
The Independent News
StopnDrop Offers Public a Place to Bring Items for Sell on eBay

June 21, 2004
First StopnDrop Auction Store Opens In Creve Coeur

June 18, 2004
St. Louis Business Journal
eBay for Dummies


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