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Sell the Old, Pay for the New
StopnDrop Auctions Helps Businesses Gain Cash by Liquidating Outdated Technology through eBay

January 27, 2006: CREVE COEUR, MO— How can businesses quickly convert their outdated assets into cash? By liquidating overstocks, seasonal and returned merchandise and outdated technology through StopnDrop Auctions, a St. Louis based eBay drop-off store.

Here’s how StopnDrop’s business liquidation service works:

  • Businesses call StopnDrop to discuss what they would like to liquidate.
  • StopnDrop sends a driver to pick up the valuable items at no charge.
  • StopnDrop’s team takes high-quality photographs of the items, writes detailed ads for each item and lists them on eBay to a worldwide market.
  • Once the items have sold, StopnDrop handles payment collection and processing, shipping to the buyers, and then sends its corporate clients checks for the net proceeds.

Some corporate items that sell very well on eBay are:

  • Laptop Computers
  • Desktop Computers
  • Cellular Phones
  • Fax Machines
  • PDAs (Palm Pilots, Pocket PCs, etc.)
  • Laser and InkJet Printers
  • Networking Equipment
  • Smaller Machinery
  • Audio Visual Equipment
  • Commercial Telephones
  • Photography Equipment
  • Bindery and Finishing Equipment
  • Prepress Equipment
  • Security and Surveillance Equipment
  • Medical and Dental Equipment

Founded in 2004 by Darren Eilers, Mindy Eilers and James Brugner, StopnDrop Auctions is the first full-service eBay drop-off store in St. Louis recognized by eBay through their Trading Post program. Named as one of eBay’s Top 100 Sellers, StopnDrop assists individuals and businesses that want to sell items on eBay, but lack the time, expertise, equipment or resources to manage the auction themselves.

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StopnDrop Auctions is proud to be a recognized Trading Post by eBay.
Many thanks to all of our clients for helping us achieve this honor!