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West County Journal
July 14, 2004

Business Helps Customers Sell Their Items on eBay
StopnDrop places value, takes photos, posts items, all for percentage of sale
By: Kate Miller

People who have items worth selling but don’t have the energy, ambition or inclination to sell them on their own have a commission-based service available to them in Creve Coeur.

StopnDrop Auctions opened at 12362 Olive Blvd. in the Westgate Centre June 5. Customers can drop off just about anything to be sold on eBay, an auction service on the Internet. StopnDrop employees place a value on the goods and post the items on eBay with photographs and descriptions.

The items are posted online for a seven-day, worldwide auction. Customers can watch the bidding online.

The highest bidder purchases the item. StopnDrop and eBay take their commission fees, and the customer receives a check for the balance of the sale. StopnDrop handles the shipping, which the buyer pays.

Maryville University student Jake Holschen of Florissant sold a guitar effects processor at StopnDrop.

“I used it for about a year, and it sat in my basement for about two years,” he said. “I thought it’s not anything that means anything to me, so I might as well make some money off it.”

The musical gadget sold for $152. Holschen pocketed $100. He said paying the service fees was worth it.

“I had thought about putting stuff on eBay, but I didn’t want to do it myself,” Holschen said. “There’s a strategy to it. I didn’t know. They took an approach I wouldn’t have taken and maybe would not have made as much money. They know what they’re doing; they took pictures, described it, shipped it. All I had to do was drop it off.”

Dee Spooner of Ballwin is selling so many items she keeps a running tab at StopnDrop. With auctions on five items closed, she had sold $467 in merchandise. Her take is $285.
She sold bronze figures that she was using as doorstops, antique china that was taking up space, and an antique camera. She was planning to drop off two Civil War swords.

“These are things I’m not in need of,” Spooner said. “If my daughter doesn’t want them, I might as well sell them.”

Spooner said she wouldn’t have posted things on eBay because she isn’t a computer person. When she heard about StopnDrop, she saw an opportunity to effortlessly sell belongings that would mean more to someone else and put a little cash in her pocket.
“I like the idea that you can go in with your item and have an idea of what it’s worth and what it might sell for,” she said. “They do all the research. I don’t have to.”

Appraisals are based on items – or similar items – that have previously sold on eBay. The store requires that items have a minimum selling value of $30 because the store’s minimum commission is $10. Items that have to be shipped need to weigh less than 150 pounds.

StopnDrop’s commission is 35 percent for us to $500, 25 percent up to $2,000, and 15 percent for more than $2,000.

For a basic listing, regardless of its appraised value, the starting bid is $5, which Darren Eilers, chief executive officer and store co-owner, said is meant to excite the auction.
“People go to eBay to find a bargain, so initially they need to see that low price,” said Eilers, who lives in St. Charles. The low price often triggers a bidding war. “We’ve seen it time and time again,” he said.

For a custom listing, customers can set their own opening bid price or set a price for “Buy it Now”, in which case there is no auction. There is a $15 pre-pay for a custom listing that is credited toward the store’s commission if the item sells.

If an item doesn’t sell, it will be run a second time. If it doesn’t sell after the second auction, customers can pick it up or the store will donate it to charity. Eilers said it is rare for an item not to sell.

Spooner said she might consider hosting a garage sale to rid her home of the things she doesn’t want. In the meantime, however, she is sticking with StopnDrop.

“It takes a load off my mind,” Spooner said. “Now I just wish someone would go through my boxes for me.”

For more information on StopnDrop, call the store at (314) 469-3767 or visit

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