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StopnDrop Can Help Your Business Grow
• Exposing your products to a GLOBAL online marketplace
• Liquidate overstocks, seasonal and returned merchandise
• Upgrade to newer, more efficient technology by selling the outdated for CASH

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Just Drop Off Your Valuable Items and Let StopnDrop Do the Rest!

Our eBay Consignment Service Includes:

  • eBay research and sale price estimation
  • Up to 8 images to show the most detail
  • A descriptive ad customized to your specific item
  • Posting your item on eBay for 7 days
  • Managing bidder inquiries via phone and email
  • Processing all forms of buyer payment including personal checks and credit cards to maximize the sale price
  • Packing & shipping the item to the winning bidder
  • Sending you a check!

Service Options

Items must estimate to sell on eBay for $100 or more and weigh under 70lbs. China and other lots must estimate to sell on eBay for $200 or more. If your item does not meet these guidelines and you feel it will sell well, we'll be happy to review it for you.

Basic Listing (recommended):

  • 7-day listing with a $5.00 opening bid and no reserve
  • A “Gallery” photo to help your item stand out

Custom Listing ($35.00 prepay*):

  • Includes everything in the Basic Listing plus...
  • Choose an opening bid higher than $5.00 but below the estimated sale price**
  • Set a fixed “Buy It Now” price
    * Prepay is credited towards StopnDrop’s commission if the item sells.
    ** Estimated sale price is based on past eBay sales of the same or similar item(s).

Commissions and Fees

StopnDrop's Commission:*
50% of the first $500
30% of the next $500
15% of the remaining sale amount over $1,000
Note: There is a minimum commission of $35.00 per auction

eBay Fees: Commissions INCLUDE all eBay and payment processing fees. No additional fees are added.

Total Sale Price:

If Your Item Doesn’t Sell:
StopnDrop takes great care to ensure that every item listed sells as expected. However, in the unlikely event your item doesn’t sell, StopnDrop will return the item to you or donate it to charity. See store for specific details.

* Commissions and fees are subject to change without notice.


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Trademarks cited are property of their respective owners. Items shown on this site are from actual eBay sales. Final sale price varies per auction.

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Many thanks to all of our clients for helping us achieve this honor!