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July 24, 2004

StopnDrop Auctions Arrive in St. Louis

(KSDK) -- Do you have things in your basement you'd love to sell, but you hate the thought of a garage sale? All across the country, eBay drop-off stores are popping up, and now they've come to St. Louis.

Tiffany Spooner is an avid eBay buyer who has never tried to sell anything, until now. "This was my great great grandmother's china and I wanted to see what the price was on E-Bay, what I could get for this."

This is StopnDrop auctions, the first full-service eBay drop-off location in St. Louis. Here's how it works. You drop off your stuff, StopnDrop appraises it, photographs it, lists it on eBay, monitors the auction, packs and ships it to the buyer, takes a commission, and sends you a check!

StopnDrop takes a 35% commission. eBay takes 5.25 %. so if your item sells for $100, after both commissions, you receive a check for $61.63.

Tiffany Spooner said she decided to do this instead of selling it herself on eBay because it's much more convenient. "I don't have to deal with the questions, with collecting the money especially with shipping out. It's really a big hassle to do yourself."

StopnDrop will also come to your house to pick up items. There are some restrictions. They must have an estimated worth of $30.00 and weigh less than 150 pounds.

"StopnDrop is for those who have excess stuff and just don't have an outlet for it. What they do is bring their stuff into our store, and we'll put it on eBay. We'll take professional photographs of it, we'll write a professional description of it and we'll put it on eBay for a seven-day auction and send you a check. It's just that simple," said Darren Eilers, of StopnDrop.

Eilers says top sellers include computers, cameras, designer clothing, designer purses and antiques. "You name it, we can sell it," said Eilers.


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