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StopnDrop Ship-N-Sell™
Isn’t it time YOU cash in YOUR stuff?

Ship-N-Sell™ is a unique service from StopnDrop Auctions that brings selling on eBay within your reach no matter where you are. If your item is worth $75 or more on eBay, and weighs less than 25 pounds, we can sell it for you on eBay!


Fill out and submit the form to the right or call us at 314-997-1600 with your item's information. This allows our professional estimators to accurately research the eBay sale value of your item. In most cases you will receive a response within 1 business day.

STEP 2: Ship the item to us via the method of your choosing. If it's determined that your item will sell for at least $75 on eBay, simply ship the item to our store.
STEP 3: Sit back and watch your auction soar! StopnDrop uses the latest technology to keep our clients informed of their auction's progress from the date it's posted to eBay, to the final selling price.

The Ship-N-Sell process usually takes just 30 days from the date StopnDrop receives your item to the date your check is sent to you in the mail.

Some items that sell well are:

Collectibles HOT SELLERS!
Cameras & Photography Equipment
Computers & Electronics HOT SELLERS!
Musical Instruments
DVDs & Movies
Coins & Stamps
Designer Jewelry & Watches
Home Decor, Housewares & Linens
Sporting Goods & Sports Memorabilia
Toys, Games, Dolls & Bears
Cellular Phones & PDAs
Vehicle Parts & Accessories
Antiques & Art
Video Games
Books & Printed Material
Designer Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

StopnDrop Auctions is proud to be a recognized Trading Post by eBay.
Many thanks to all of our clients for helping us achieve this honor!

Item Prequalification Form.
Please complete the form below as thoroughly as possible, including as much detail as you can. This information will help our staff research your item to determine it's eBay value. You should expect a reply within one business day.

Contact Information:

1. Your first and last name:

2. Phone number:

3. Email address:

Item Information:

1. Item Title (What is it? Ex: Sony DVD Player):

2. Brand (Ex: Yamaha, Canon, Kate Spade):

3. Model/Serial # (With many electronics products, the model number can be found on the underside or back of the item either etched into the case or on a metal plate. Other items may require more searching.):

4. Year/Age (When was it manufactured/how old is it?):

5. Size (Measure the width, depth, height or diameter of the item and/or note any important measurements):

6. Color:

7. Overall condition:

8. Does the item include the original packaging?:

9. Does the item include the instructions, paperwork, certificates of authenticity, etc? (outline all that is included):

10. Describe the item in detail (Include here any information you feel best explains your item. Be as detailed as you like. Put yourself in the buyer's shoes - what would he/she want to know about your item? Also use this space to outline any extras included with the item (i.e. cables, straps, cases, etc.):

That's it! Please click Submit to send the form to a research specialist.


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Trademarks cited are property of their respective owners. Items shown on this site are from actual eBay sales. Final sale price varies per auction.

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StopnDrop Auctions is proud to be a recognized Trading Post by eBay.
Many thanks to all of our clients for helping us achieve this honor!